Problems sleeping? Floating may help

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, it is impossible to fall asleep. Everything we’ve said, everything that’s happened over the course  of the day or week keeps on repeating, playing on our minds.

Floating may just be the solution to the good night’s sleep you’re craving.

The Epsom salt in the water which is a high concentration of magnesium sulphates  is responsible for over 300 enzyme reactions in your body, particularly in the bones, muscles, and brain.  It plays an important role in the nervous system for helping you calm down allowing for a good night sleep. It works by helping you relax.

Magnesium is known as the calming mineral, binding to the receptors on the nerves and preventing excitory signals from passing through the synapses triggering a heightened sense of alertness and wakefulness.  It acts as kinds of gatekeeper, keeping us calm and relaxed.

The most common causes of insomnia are stress and anxiety, so being relaxed is something we can definitely use on sleepless nights! Magnesium can also help fight depression, which is another leading cause of insomnia.

It is not surprising that one of the benefits of floating is deep consistent sleep. Given the amount of magnesium in the water (over 300kg’s) our bodies easily absorb the magnesium through the skin.


If you have trouble sleeping, why not book a flotation session and see how it can help you?