Clear your mind, open Doors

Our value to society is about the skills we have to offer and the services we can provide. It’s simple. The better and most sought after the skills the higher a persons value in a demanding world.

To get ahead of the competition we need to better ourselves, learn more skills and develop in ways that enhance our skill sets. The more skills a person has the more valued by society. We get paid more and enjoy a better quality of life. More holidays, better food, better health care.

To aquire new skills and improve, the mind needs to be receptive and open. An uncluttered mind helps reveal the right path, make right decisions and set definite goals. Exercising is a way to keep healthy, physically and mentally, after all mind and body are connected. Running, swimming, playing a sport keeps us fitter, sharper, happier. People go different routes to keep mentally fit. Some meditate, practice yoga. Some prefer quiet, introspective time to harmonise.

Floating is a very healthy activity.

It’s benefits various, for mind and body. Being alone, in the dark (or lights on) without outside stimuli helps free the mind. When it is free of stress and noise and interruption it can jettison the baggage, the clutter, the pollution and recover it’s optimal, relaxed state.

The results can be astounding. A healthy mind opens new doors, invites new prospects and is better able to deal with the storms, the challenges, the merry go round that is life. If you’re looking for an alternative way to de-stress and unplug why not look up a float centre near you and give it a try.